I was born in Milan where I spent most of my life. For the last five years I have been living and working in London.

I started taking photos when I was very young and started shooting with a manual SLR  when I was 14. From that moment photography became an important part of my life so much so that it would not be fair to call it a hobby.

I shoot with mainly three cameras: a Rolleiflex 3.5f, a Yashica Mat and a Nikon D80. However, as a general rule, I tend to avoid shooting with a digital camera. Black and white are the main “colours” of my photos.

I am a versatile person with several interests. By dint of working in politics I have become very passionate about it as well as of current affairs. I love travelling (here you can find some photos of my trips) and I love sports. More precisely, I am passionate about boxing which I practice and of which I am trying to create a portfolio. I like speaking to people and understanding their character. I also have a keen eye for architecture and design.

With my photos I try to show the character of the people I meet and the peculiarities of certain constructions I find fascinating.